October 31, 2015

Dear Ambassador Bennett,

Please help us help!

Yesterday, we sent a letter to you in support of comprehensive documentation submitted by the Centre For Inquiry Canada regarding the "Persecution of Bangladesh Secularists by Religious Fundamentalists". Today, we find our organization, yet again, looking for progress in dealing with the transgressions of extremists in Bangladesh.

As one of the leaders in Canadian secular efforts, we are being tasked with providing options and answers to what actions Canadians are formally undertaking through their Government. Canadians care.

We have been heartened by the efforts of the Office of Religious Freedom through your leadership and are offering to participate in informing Canadians which concrete and immediate actions are being accomplished.

Might we include activities you would like us to highlight and:

  • ask you to help expedite the documented cases for asylum for bloggers and educators in dire danger from Bangladesh
  • ask you to support CFIC's upcoming application for "Asylum Sponsor Agency" status
  • Will you urge the Bangladesh Government to re-establish the rule of secular law;
  • and make a clear succinct statement to the Bangladesh Government that sectarian disagreement need not digress to violence.
  • support our Petition to the Canadian Parliament to repeal Canada's Blasphemy Law, C296, currently awaiting a Member sponsor.
  • We have included in our correspondence, to enlist input and collaboration
    • Prime Minister Designate Trudeau;
    • my local Member of Parliament, Mike Bossio;
    • Mark Gerretsen, Member from Kingston and the Islands;
    • The Humanist Canada Board of Directors;
    • the National Executive Director of CFIC;
    • our International partner, the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

Thank you again for meeting with us last December; we are eager to help — today.

We are passionate about providing answers.


Eric Thomas
Humanist Association of Canada

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