Published by the International Humanist and Ethical Union, London, U.K. (IHEU)
Released December 10 2015

Commentary from Humanist Canada Board of Directors

The 4th edition of a comprehensive, global report, detailing specific and systemic persecution against non-religious peoples has been released. Humanist Canada is proud to participate in the Canadian updates.

It is critical for Canadians to consider the evolution of global efforts to manage our conversations with each other. The persecution of citizens based on ideology has no place in our future. The IHEU report details the persecution of non-religious people with specific examples of how egregious human rights violations are permitted under the rule of law in many countries. Included in the report is Canada’s blasphemy law, as an example.

fotr2015pageThrough introspective and respectful dialogue we can help each other. We cannot progress through discrimination sanctioned by our governments. The IHEU report helps guide us, as we try to contribute in the development of human dignity around the world.

"The Freedom of Thought Report 2015 will be an important tool in campaigning for improvements to national and international policy."
Andrew Copson, President, International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU)


The IHEU report can be accessed here:

The IHEU press release is available at:

Humanist Canada and its partners are actively addressing Canadian concerns, some of which are:

  • A petition to repeal our blasphemy law
  • We actively participated in the preparation of the case for the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to remove the Christian prayer in Municipal council meetings.
  • We continue to highlight the civil rights violations of provinces that maintain a separate school system based on a single religion's entitlement.
  • While our cultural history includes the exhibition of religious icons that represented a large percentage of Canadians, that is no longer the case. Our secular future must include an inclusive, non-denominational approach to public symbols.
  • Humanist Canada continues its attempts to expand the “Wedding Ceremony” program in Ontario to other provinces.

These and other initiatives being pursued by Canadians enable conversation and the IHEU “Freedom of Thought”, 2015 Edition is a tremendous resource to help us. The Humanist Canada Board supports the international efforts of the IHEU and strongly recommends we all participate in helping global efforts to eliminate ideological persecution.

For the Board of Directors of Humanist Canada


Eric Thomas

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