livesinbalance tnThere are too many lives in the balance these days.  Whether wavering on the frantic edges of poverty, wrestling with the backlash of simply identifying one’s gender or sexuality, remaining in relationships that are toxic and abusive, or expressing one’s own thoughts within entrenched regimes, people around the world risk their lives because of where they are, who they are, who controls their lives and bodies, and what it is they believe.

Lives in the Balance was imagined as a conference that would bring people together to raise awareness of persecution related to beliefs while raising funds for refugees fleeing their own countries because their lives are imperiled for that same reason.

To make our concerns disturbingly clear, we are bringing together some of the most bracing voices for change in the work of protecting freedom of expression around the world. In one day.

The day will be moderated by Gretta Vosper, a United Church of Canada minister who claims the label “atheist” and is currently embroiled in a widely publicized heresy trial.


Saturday 2 June 2018.  Registration at 08:00 am

 Location: Factory Theatre
125 Bathurst Street,Toronto
Ontario. M5V 2R2

Click here for full details including speakers, schedule, a map and registration link.

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