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jsmill tn"Secular is whatever has reference to this life. Secular instruction is instruction respecting the concerns of this life. Secular subjects therefore are all subjects except religion. All the arts and sciences are secular knowledge. To say that secular means irreligious implies that all the arts and sciences are irreligious, and is very like saying that all professions except that of the law are illegal. [...] To know the laws of the physical world, the properties of their own bodies and minds, the past history of their species, is as much a benefit to the Jew, the Mussulman, the Deist, the Atheist, as to the orthodox churchman; and it is as iniquitous to withhold it from them. Education provided by the public must be education for all, and to be education for all it must be purely secular education."

John Stuart Mill
(1806-1873) English philosopher and economist.

Canadian Humanist News - The latest edition of our own publication can be downloaded by clicking here .

International Humanist News has a regular email newsletter that you can sign up for.

A. C. Grayling - Listen to a talk by this philosopher and author about his new publication "The Good Book - A Secular Bible" here.

  The Institute for Humanist Studies is committed to information and practices meant to address the socio-political, economic and cultural challenges facing communities within the United States and within a global context.

British Humanist Association - has designed a wonderful resource page for teachers to use when discussing Humanism in their classrooms. Click here to explore this page for access to some wonderful educational resources.


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