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  1. Lake Winnipeg, the tenth largest freshwater lake in the world, hosts a vibrant commercial fishery... however, the frequency of nuisance algal blooms has increased due to increases in nutrient concentrations in the lake, and impacted these uses. In response, several management actions were initiated to restore and protect the lake.
  2. The release of the screening assessment reports was announced in the Canada Gazette, Part I.
  3. A special issue of Climatic Change (Volume 115, Number 1, November 2012) devoted to Science Results from the Canadian International Polar Year (IPY) 2007 – 2008 program is now available. Included in the issue are papers documenting the results of IPY projects in which Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate (ASTD) scientists played leading roles.
  4. Environment Canada scientists completed a comprehensive air quality research study that increases our knowledge of the relationship between changes in both climate and emissions of pollutants, and the potential impacts of these changes on air quality, human health and ecosystems.
  5. In a recent study published in Environmental Science and Technology, scientists from Environment Canada’s Air Quality Processes Research Section observed vehicle emissions to be a source of exposure to isocyanic acid in urban environments.

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