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What list of humanist television shows would be complete without a discussion of Dr. Gregory House, the cane-wielding advocate of modern medicine? Often House’s dedication to reason and skepticism at any cost mean his team and patients are at the receiving end of very amusing tirades about irrationality and religion.


He is known to engage in cruel and manipulative mind games with his co-workers and patients, frequently denigrating and insulting those around him. But his own dedication to healing as a profession suggests a depth of compassion that House explicitly disavows. Instead he asserts that he enjoys the puzzle of diagnosing and curing diseases, preferring even to avoid not meeting with his patients. Yet, House is seen on occasion consoling his patients, even deigning to comfort many in their last moments. This is infrequent (and definitely outnumbered by the number of times he insults or derides his very ill patients) but proves that in spite of his bitter and jaded outlook, House is a creature of deep and soulful humanism, endlessly dedicated to helping others.

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