Become an activist in your local or regional community by creating or joining a humanist group and affiliating with Humanist Canada!

Affiliation Criteria:

To affiliate with Humanist Canada (HC), the applicant group must:
- share Humanist philosophy and subscribe to Humanist principles (as described in the Amsterdam Declaration and/or support the vision, mission, and values statements of Humanist Canada;
- describe itself as a proponent, or association, of Humanists, Freethinkers, Atheists, or other similar term;
- be willing to participate in local and or national events or other efforts to raise awareness about Humanism.
Both HC and the applicant group must find each other's principles, objects and bylaws mutually acceptable.

Benefits of Affiliation with Humanist Canada

Affiliate groups of Humanist Canada:
- are eligible to apply for project and event funding from Humanist Canada;
- may nominate a member to be on an HC program committ ee (policy positions, fundraising, education, etc);
- will have opportunities to collaborate on joint projects of local and national scope;
- will have access to HC resources (networking, training, courses, event templates, general expertise);
- may nominate a member to represent their group on the HC National Advisory Committee
- will receive updates on local and national HC events;
- will enjoy lower HC membership fees for their members.

Affiliate groups of Humanist Canada:
- are not asked to pay an affiliation fee;
- are not asked to have a minimum number of HC members;
- will be asked to supply a copy of their principles, objects, and bylaws to the HC office;
- will remain autonomous in their governance;
- will continue to collect their own fees;
- will allow HC to periodically invite their members to become HC members (at a special affiliate rate).

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