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Forum: Individualism Spectrum

The Humanist Association of Toronto

Every Saturday we meet to discuss a topic decided upon the previous week. These are topics of humanist interest, from a humanist perspective.

The topic of the discussion will be decided in a prior meeting, usually two weeks in advance. This week’s topic is: “Individualism Spectrum”

If you think of individualism as a spectrum, where would you be located on that spectrum and why? Imagine this spectrum having the following two extreme points:

1. On the far right, rating very high on the individualism scale, there is libertarianism, and going even further in that direction, total anarchy: each person for themselves, perhaps a meritocracy but probably too chaotic for that (meritocracy needs at least some organization and order); it’s a “might is right” kind of world.

2. On the other end of the spectrum, on the far left, rating very low on the individualism scale, there is collectivism, something akin to communism and totalitarianism, where individual rights and freedoms are severely restricted. Any dissent is cruelly squashed.

Obviously both extremes are too extreme!! Most of us fall somewhere in the middle in our personal worldviews. We can look back at human history to see how we have been experimenting with various positions on this spectrum. It’s been a process of trial and error – lots of errors and we are still figuring it out. The pendulum has been swinging back and forth and at times the amplitude of that swing has brought us pretty close to the extremes.

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Meet our diverse group, trade perspectives in a free and open forum and learn from others as they learn from you!

BTW: don’t be concerned if there are not many RSVP’s. Many HAT members attend regularly but don’t sign up on Meetup. Our online meetings have been very popular with 20-30 attendees.

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