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London Skeptics

The London Skeptics are a group of fun people based in London, Ontario, Canada (though we welcome all skeptics) who are dedicated to the principles of scientific skepticism. We believe the natural world is an amazing, awe-inspiring place, that scientific inquiry is the best tool devised by human beings to illuminate reality, and that scientific evidence is the best gold standard for sifting science from pseudoscience.

If you want to discuss science, counter pseudoscience, or just hang out with a great group of people, let us know! We’d love to have you! If Mercola is your mentor, you follow Food Babe, or think Scientists for 9/11 Truth are onto something, prepare to be challenged to prove your position.

We have two monthly meetups. On the second Tuesday of the month, you’ll find us at Chaucer’s Pub, 122 Carling St, London, On. On the fourth Tuesday, we meet at William’s Coffee Pub, 578 Richmond St, London, ON (next to Victoria Park). We hope you’ll join us!

Address: London, Ontario
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