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Dr. Henry Morgentaler Scholarship Fund

The application process is currently under review. Please visit this page again for updates!

About Dr. Henry Morgentaler Memorial Scholarship Fund

In 2019, the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics (OCAC) and Humanist Canada launched the Dr. Henry Morgentaler Memorial Scholarship to assist physicians gain the skills to perform abortions.

Dr. Morgentaler was a humanist physician and supported a woman’s right to choose. His provision of safe abortion services, his legal challenges to the Supreme Court, and his willingness to go to jail for this right led to the decriminalization of abortion in Canada. Dr. Morgentaler went on to train many physicians at his clinics.

Today, we continue his efforts through the Dr. Henry Morgentaler Memorial Scholarship by supporting the training of physicians to competency in the provision of abortion services. In this way, we honour his memory and continue to promote women’s right to sexual freedom.

This scholarship recognizes Dr. Morgentaler for his work and sacrifice in the fight for a woman’s right to access safe, fully funded abortions on request.  These funds will assist physicians to become abortion providers and help ensure Canadian women’s right to choose.

Humanist Canada is excited to collaborate on this important scholarship to continue to protect women’s reproductive rights in Canada and advance the humanist values Dr. Morgentaler stood for.

The Dr. Henry Morgentaler Memorial Scholarship is $1,000 awarded on an intermittent basis to a physician intending to become an abortion services provider. The funds will be used for training-to-competency in the skills and techniques to perform abortions. The physician is expected to offer these services in Canada.

About Ontario Coalition of Abortion Clinics (OCAC)

The Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics (OCAC) was started in 1982 by women health care workers from the Immigrant Women’s Health Centre, Hassle Free Clinic, and the Birth Control and VD Information Centre in Toronto. OCAC, along with others in the pro-choice movement, worked with Dr. Henry Morgentaler to overturn the federal abortion law. In January 1988, the Supreme Court, in its historic Morgentaler decision, decriminalized abortion and broadened access for so many across this country, regardless of class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or ability. Clinics were opened in many provinces and although there are still battles to be fought, huge advancements were made.

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