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hp205 EmmaDarwin 230x300Humanist Canada is pleased to sponsor an essay contest to encourage students in their education and in learning more about humanism. Students may submit an essay in English or French

  • First Prize: $1,000
  • Second Prize: $750
  • Third Prize: $250
  • Honourable mention: $50 each

(An identical set of prizes will be awarded to the winning French contestants).

Other prizes, in addition to the monetary prizes, may be awarded, including possibly having some of the winning essays being published in the Canadian quarterly magazine, Humanist Perspectives.

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Lives in the Balance Conference

livesinbalance tnThere are too many lives in the balance these days.  Whether wavering on the frantic edges of poverty, wrestling with the backlash of simply identifying one’s gender or sexuality, remaining in relationships that are toxic and abusive, or expressing one’s own thoughts within entrenched regimes, people around the world risk their lives because of where they are, who they are, who controls their lives and bodies, and what it is they believe.

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Kasese Humanist School Project in Uganda

Humanist Canada continues to support the Kasese Humanist School Project in Uganda, now marking their 7th anniversary with over 545 students on 3 campuses. We invite you to watch the video, join us in supporting the Kasese Humanist School Project. You make a world of difference.


e-382 (Blasphemous libel)


January 31, 2017. We are reporting today on the Federal Parliament's response to the electronic Petition filed on June 20 2016 that Humanist Canada participated in as an initial signatory regarding the removal of “Blasphemous Libel” from Canada’s criminal code.

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Are there atheists in foxholes?

remembrance poppyThe expression is not a metaphor for facing reality, there is a very real origin.

If using a “fox hole” in combat does not scare us what will? The thought of inhabiting a ‘foxhole” or “DFP” (defensive fighting position) to engage in Warfare is, I hope, beyond most people’s imagination.

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Letter to Canadian Officials regarding Bangladesh Civil Rights

October 31, 2015

Dear Ambassador Bennett,

Please help us help!

Yesterday, we sent a letter to you in support of comprehensive documentation submitted by the Centre For Inquiry Canada regarding the "Persecution of Bangladesh Secularists by Religious Fundamentalists". Today, we find our organization, yet again, looking for progress in dealing with the transgressions of extremists in Bangladesh.

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A Humanist Response to the Report of Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission

truth reconciliationHumanist Canada welcomes the release of the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. We agree that Canada's Indian Residential Schools represented a shameful chapter in the country's history that included forced religious proselytization; and we call on our government to join with the majority of the world's nations in signing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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Humanist Canada Initiative for Affiliates

Dear Humanist Canada Members:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am thrilled to announce a new Humanist Canada Initiative for our affiliates from coast to coast. 

Any members of affiliated associations may receive a complimentary membership for one full year!  This complimentary membership also includes future members of your local group. The membership offers all of the benefits and rights of a full Humanist Association of Canada membership.

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International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws

iheuFriday, 30 January 2015. A new international campaign has been launched aimed at abolishing "blasphemy laws" worldwide. The End Blasphemy Laws campaign is thought to be the first campaign focusing solely on the issue of laws against "blasphemy" including "ridicule" and "insult" to religion or "hurting religious sentiments".

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