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Since 1968, we have been at the forefront of creating a fair and equal society guided by critical thinking and compassion and we are committed to putting Humanism into practice through our educational programs. We provide live and recorded webinars, courses, a podcast, bi-weekly newsletter, community discussion platforms and access to academic papers – all related to Humanism. Our programming, and the topics we explore, help us see the contemporary world through a Humanist lens.


Our Public Humanities Courses, grounded in the tradition of a Liberal Arts curriculum for the harmonious development of individuals, are designed for students of all ages from all walks of life.

Essay Contest

Humanist Canada  sponsors an essay contest to encourage students to think analytically, and learn more about Humanism.




Our webinars provide a platform for a wide range of topics and perspectives, including those of scholars, activists, industry experts, civil servants, and journalists.


Humanist Canada provides discussion group on Humanist issues.

Morgentaler Committee

We promote transparency and education, and help Canadians navigate the complexities of abortion, reproductive, and sexual health.

Our Library

Check out our events and monthly webinar series, and share our video archive to spread the word about our work!

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