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Our Vision

hitchensA secular Canadian society shaped by science and compassion.

Our Mission

To promote and protect the separation of religion from public policy, to foster the development of critical thinking through secular education, and to provide community support for all Canadians.

Our Values

Critical Thinking:

Critical thinking is the process of arriving at a solid judgment about an issue by means of a dispassionate and comprehensive analysis. Critical thinking allows us to evaluate all available information, develop cogent arguments, and find effective solutions to the problems we encounter.


Ethics helps us analyze the patterns of individual and social behaviour, explore the origin of our value judgements, and understand and fine-tune the principles that govern our conduct. This enables us to reassess our own moral frameworks with the goal of becoming better human beings.


Dignity is a foundational commitment to the idea that human beings are intelligent creatures entitled to basic rights that allow them to develop their moral potential and live healthy and fulfilling lives in safe environments. These fundamental rights include access to adequate nurture, housing, education, work, legal redress, and culture. Human dignity must be afforded to persons of every ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, physical capability, or belief.


Being a responsible person involves attention to what is right and good. Responsibility entails self-knowledge and the acknowledgment of our interconnectedness and the need for cooperation. We shape the contours of our lives but we are also accountable for our actions and have a duty to the well-being of others.


As we develop as human beings we learn to care for others. There is a reciprocity of care; there will be times we need to be cared for, and we may also be required to care for others. In a broader sense this can extend to our environment whereby caring for our planet is coextensive with the care we give to each other.

These are a few of the values that help us cement a progressive society so we may live to our potential, enhancing not only our own lives but the lives of others.

Our Financial Statements & Strategic Plan

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