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Become an Officiant

Humanist Officiants are ambassadors for Humanism in Canada. They come from all walks of life. Some are engaged in Humanist activities and perform ceremonies on a full-time basis, while others combine it with full-time careers or in addition to part-time work or family care. Many make the commitment upon retirement.

To become a Humanist Officiant, you must be a member of Humanist Canada for a minimum of one year and continue to maintain your membership. A committee evaluates Officiant applications according to a rigorous set of criteria designed to establish education and life experiences. Candidates must have highly developed interpersonal, interviewing, writing, organization, and presentation skills and can effectively communicate Humanist principles.

Once you successfully complete the training program, you will be appointed as a Humanist Officiant. In Ontario, you will also be licensed to solemnize marriage in accordance with the Marriage Act.

To apply, please contact or fill in the form below:

Officiant Inquiry Form

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