Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

vision tnA secular world where reason and compassion guide public policy.

Our Mission


To promote the separation of religion from public policy and foster the development of reason, compassion and critical thinking for all Canadians through secular education and community support.

Our Values

To uphold honesty, reason, critical thinking, and cooperation, in every facet of human interdependence.

To encourage the efforts of Humanists and Humanism-focused organizations in Canada.

To support initiatives and programs that advance Humanism and secularism.

To provide non-religious ceremonies for life events such as weddings and funerals through our certified Officiants.

What does Humanist Canada do that delivers sufficient value to its members to warrant their support?

Our formal registration as a charitable entity is based on education. Our scope includes the expansion of Secular Humanist critical thinking. We accomplish that goal through the initiatives below. Membership support those efforts through activism, volunteer labor and financial contributions. For our supporters, the value received is not direct but is in seeing the results of their personal efforts and through the efforts of their national team.

Supporting regional associations

HC is a clearing house for ideas from distant geographical regions and responds to member inquiries for new groups. As of October 2014 we are actively answering inquiries from New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. We are partnering and learning from the AHQ in Quebec. During September the Board participated, in person, in regional meetings in Halton-Peel near Toronto, in the Quinte region of Eastern Ontario, in Embrum near Ottawa as well as meeting Humanists at a Film Event in Montreal.

The active and successful BC Humanist Association teaches us through their initiatives, and we support their ongoing efforts. Their membership is one of the most active in Canada. We all have much to learn about serving Humanists from our regional associations.

The Ontario Officiant Program

The 40 HC Officiant members in Ontario will stand in front of more than 500 couples this year. With a conservative estimate of 75 people at each wedding, 37,500 people will hear the words, "I am an Officiant with Humanist Canada, licensed by the province of Ontario". The program continues to expand and regularly reviews the services they offer Humanists and members of the general public.

International Office of Religious Freedom

Our Federal Government looks to a national organization that represents cross Canada groups. One of those initiatives is the ongoing work with the Federal Government's "International Office of Religious Freedom" (IORF) where we are endeavoring to include "freedom from religion" as a part of the IORF social media, (Facebook) and through our Website,


We support many activities that support the principles of Humanism throughout Canada.

  • We made a financial commitment to help develop a secular school in Uganda called the Kasese School. Approximately 380 students are attending this non-religious school in a country with church participation approaching 90%.
  • The Board consults with and supports Dr. Christopher DiCarlo and his efforts to introduce a "critical thinking" component to the Ontario school curriculum. This pilot project started in September 2014. Which province will be next?
  • Our first Web based offering, a "Webinar", is to launch in late October with a 30-minute interactive presentation entitled "The Humanist elevator pitch", "how to respond in 30 seconds to assorted Humanist related questions".
  • The HC Board administers the "Dr. Henry Morgentaler Scholarship Fund" to a university student(s) pursuing a medical degree with woman's health as a focus.
  • The Humanist Canada website includes links to Educational resources through Humanist Courses, videos and printed matter.


As a national organization our mandate is to network with Canadian Associations and International like-minded groups. The objective is to develop value and perspective for Canadian Humanists. Current affiliations include:

  • The International Humanist and Ethical Union, (IHEU), based in London England with an office at the United Nations.
  • Center For Enquiry, (CFI), based in the US and is represented in multiple Cana-dian cities.
  • Atheist International & Atheists of America.
  • AHQ our Quebec partners.
  • Secular Ontario.
  • Humanist Perspectives a humanist publication based in Ottawa.
  • Dying With Dignity, Canada.
  • One School System Network, OSSN, an Ontario based organization.
  • Imagine No Religion Conference, INR5, 2015.
  • Ontario Humanist Society, A positive force for Humanism in Ontario.
  • Quinte Secular Humanist Society, QSHA. This is the "freethinking" group started by Bill Broderic many years ago. It is an active and collegial group of friends.

Public Awareness of Humanism in Canada.

Humanist Canada is involved in fostering awareness of Humanist positions and philosophies through social media, (Facebook) and through its website.  We will support the many activities that promote the principles of Humanism throughout Canada.

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