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MAID (Medical Assistance in Death)

Discussion 2024: MAID (Medical Assistance in Death)

With Humanist Canada Martin Frith and Diane Sims

The right to Medical Assistance in Death (or MAID has been a value of Humanist Canada’s members for some time. We have spoken out and urged the government to ensure this option is available to all who wish to have a dignified death.

In June 2023, Stratford resident Diane Sims wrote an article in the Canadian Maclean’s magazine detailing her decision and preparation to pursue a medically assisted death.

In August 2023 Humanist Canada’s Martin Frith met with Diane at her home in Stratford.

This is a recording of that conversation. We are grateful to Diane for allowing us the opportunity to understand her journey and gain a better understanding of the value of MAID for those who pursue it.

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