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Discussion 2024: Putting A Number on How Much Religion Costs in Canada

This online roundtable discussion about the cost of religion in Canada – quantified by original research conducted by the Centre for Inquiry Canada.

Bettianne Hedges of Humanist Canada will be hosting Leslie Rosenblood from CFIC alongside Teale Phelps Bondaroff and Ian Bushfield of the BC Humanist Association, who will discuss the many ways Canada still tangibly privileges religion and its institutions over similar non-theistic organizations. Just a few policy choices cost Canadians billions – yes, with a “b” – each and every year.

You can learn more by reading CFIC’s Cost of Religion in Canada reports or watching the recent Podcast for Inquiry conversation with CFIC’s Executive Director, Sandra Dunham: Why does Canada give $5.6 Billion annually to religious charities?

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