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Simon Fraser University (SFU) Skeptics

SFU finally has a secular/naturalist student group again and we need your help to make it work. Our group is promoted here.

The basic functions of the group are as follows:

•Promote scientific thinking and reason in all aspects of human experience.
•Advocate for and provide outreach to non-religious students of all descriptions.
•Partner with religious student groups to foster honest and productive dialogue.
•Investigate paranormal claims scientifically and compassionately.
•Raise awareness of paranormal and pseudoscientific fraud.
•Advocate for good science and critical thinking in public policy.

The list above is subject to change and refinement, but if you’re interested in ANY of the above we need to hear from you. You don’t need to be an angry militant atheist or a hardcore debunker (we hate that word). You don’t need to be anything other than an SFU student or faculty member who is concerned about the issues listed above, or just wants a place to hang out with cool people who happen to be atheist/humanist/generally godless. We’ll be tabling in the coming weeks and months, dates and times will be posted here.

Our schedule(to be re-confirmed after every first post-clubs’ days meeting) is every week on Friday except the first week of the month, when it is on Thursday. Every meeting, unless there is a complication beyond our control or influence, will be on Burnaby Mountain, in the Highland Pub at five o’clock.

Address: Simon Fraser University, University Dr
Burnaby, British Columbia
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