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Critical Thinking in a ‘Post-Truth’ World

Webinar Series 2020: Critical Thinking in a ‘Post-Truth’ World

Critical Thinking in a ‘Post-Truth’ World

With advances in technology involving the increasingly rapid transfer of information throughout the world, it has become more difficult to determine what is legitimate news or information, from what is fake news. Luckily, to be able to confidently make such distinctions, anyone can empower themselves with the skill set of Critical Thinking.

The tools within the skill set of Critical Thinking provides one with the abilities to analyze information, understand the importance of bias and context, consider what counts as evidence, and be able to identify fallacies or errors in reasoning. Anyone can learn and use these skills. Mastering the Critical Thinking skill set will empower anyone to become a better, more critical thinker in a ‘Post-Truth’ World.

Dr. C DiCarloDr. Christopher W. DiCarlo is a philosopher, educator, and author. He is the Principal and Founder of Critical Thinking Solutions, a consulting business for individuals, corporations, and not-for-profits in both the private and public sectors. He is also the Ethics Chair for the Canadian Mental Health Association. Dr. DiCarlo is also a lifetime member of Humanist Canada and an Expert Advisor for the Centre for Inquiry Canada. He currently teaches at Ryerson University and is a past Visiting Research Scholar at Harvard University. Dr. DiCarlo has won several awards including TV Ontario’s Big Ideas Best Lecturer in Ontario Award and Canada’s Humanist of the Year. He has authored several books, the latest of which is entitled: So You Think You Can Think: Tools for Having Intelligent Discussions and Getting Along which will be released by Rowman and Littlefield in June of this year.

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