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Becoming a Certified Humanist Canada Officiant

Webinar Series 2021: Becoming a Certified Humanist Canada Officiant

Becoming a Certified Humanist Canada Officiant

With Ric Glowienka Chair of the Ceremonies and Officiants Committee of Ontario

Sunday, June 13, 2021 3:00 pm EST

Humanist Canada Officiants are ambassadors for Humanism, and in Ontario, they are certified to perform weddings, funerals, child naming and coming-of-age ceremonies. Officiants are fully trained. Each province has its own regulations surrounding the solemnization of marriages, and Humanists residing outside of Ontario have not yet been able to obtain licenses to officiant weddings. However, no certification is required in any province to perform other Humanist services, and this presents an opportunity for interested Humanists to provide these services.

Ric Glowienka will present the opportunity of a national Officiant training program, designed to train and certify you as a Humanist Officiant. This session will be of interest to you if:

    • You don’t live in Ontario!
    • You strongly believe in the Humanist principles as described in the Amsterdam Declaration
    • You have an outgoing personality
    • You want to perform a service for your community
  • You wish to be an ambassador for Canadian Humanism

Ric GlowienkaRic Glowienka is Vice President of Humanist Canada and Chair of the Ceremonies and Officiants Committee of Ontario.

Ric has been performing Humanist ceremonies since 2017. He lives in Ottawa.

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