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We support the efforts of Humanists and Humanism-focused organizations in Canada and encourage such groups to affiliate with us – we all have much to learn about serving Humanists and we support each other’s efforts in promoting Humanism initiatives.

Benefits of Affiliation with Humanist Canada

All groups accepted for affiliation will receive the following benefits from Humanist Canada:

  • A one-time, one-year complimentary membership for all members of the Affiliate group
  • Inclusion of the Affiliate’s contact information on the HC website
  • Preferred, and when applicable, discounted access to HC events including webinars, courses and workshops
  • The Affiliate may have input regarding HC’s programs, where applicable
  • Quarterly online forum with other Affiliates
  • Subscription to the HC Newsletter

Requirements to be an Affiliate

Annual Fee

The annual affiliate group fee is $100.

Next Steps

Complete and sign an Affiliate Agreement which, on completion, will direct you to making the fee payment.

Upon receipt of the Affiliate Agreement, the Humanist Canada Board will review your application and will contact you to confirm your Affiliate status.

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