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Become an Affiliate

We support the efforts of Humanists and Humanism-focused organizations in Canada and encourage such groups to affiliate with us; we all have much to learn about serving Humanists and we support each other’s efforts in promoting Humanism initiatives.

Benefits of Affiliation with Humanist Canada

All groups accepted for affiliation will:

  • Have the opportunity to collaborate on joint projects of local and national scope.
  • Gain exposure through Humanist Canada resources to promote local Humanist events.
  • Obtain access to networking, training opportunities and webinars.
  • Apply for funds to hold local events to raise awareness about Humanism.
  • Get updates on local and national events.
  • Receive complimentary one-year memberships to Humanist Canada for all members of the organization.
  • Remain autonomous in their governance, including collecting their own fees.

Affiliated groups also gain access to our ability to provide charitable tax receipts for specific Humanist projects.

Affiliation Criteria

To become a Humanist Canada affiliate, the applicant group must:

  • Support the vision, mission and values statement of Humanist Canada.
  • Share the Humanist philosophy and principles of the Amsterdam Declaration.
  • Be active in raising awareness of Humanism.
  • Supply a copy of their principles or bylaws.
  • Allow Humanist Canada to offer membership to their members annually.

The annual affiliate group fee is $100.


Online Affiliation Agreement

Complete the Online Affiliation Payment (click the button below) then Print / Download the Affiliation Agreement to mail in.

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