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Artificial Womb

Webinar Series 2020: Artificial Womb Technology

Artificial Womb Technology With Srishti Hukku, research fellow and reproductive health consultant Recent scientific developments have brought forward a number of ethical debates about the risks associated with traditional pregnancy, who has the right to reproduce and how technologies should…

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Student Essay Contest

Humanist Canada 2020 Essay Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Award Winners! Award of Distinction Madeleine Ghatavi, Peterborough, ON Essay Title: Youth Advocacy: How to Cultivate Progressive Movements Among Teenagers Third Prize Iris Hu, Milton, ON Essay Title: Abortion is Justifiable: Comparing the Values at Stake Second…

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Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson

Going Godless: Black Feminism, Humanism, and Anti-Racism

Going Godless: Black Feminism, Humanism, and Anti-Racism With Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson “Going Godless” will examine this history vis-à-vis the emergence of Black feminist humanist perspectives in the American secular humanist and atheist movements. For example, how have Black women humanists…

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World Humanist Day - 2020

World Humanist Day 2020

Humanism is the evolution of a centuries long tradition of free thought and reason leading to a leading to an ethical and moral life stance based respect for all humanity, democratic ideals, and an understanding of our responsibility to care…

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2019 Essay Contest Winner | Concours de dissertation

The Necessity of a Universal Base Income in Upholding Human Freedom There are significant differences in wealth between Canadians, and this is having the effect of undercutting humanist ideals. In particular, individual freedom and the functioning of democracy are both…

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